Southeastern Salvage, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Do you like funky furnishings?  Do you like shtuff that is well priced, plentiful and makes you stop in your tracks, slap yourself on the forehead and shout, “Why haven’t I been shopping here every week to support my hoarding habits?” Hang on to your fedoras, because I have the store for you.  If you live in the Nashville area, travel to the Nashville area, know where the Nashville area is on a map, or know how to call Nashville, do yourself a favor and go to Southeastern Salvage (address below).

I have visited several times back when they first opened.  However, at the time, I didn’t find anything noteworthy.  Times, they be a changin’.  All I can say is W.O.W.  You need kitchen cabinets?  Tile? Flooring?  Dog beds?  A big ass coffee table made from a recycled oil drum? Knick Knacks and Paddywhacks? You name it, you can probably find it here.  My contractor suggested I visit the place again.  I finally took his advice.  Glad I did.

I found the best liquor cabinet with a colorful distressed finish that is solid wood.  The colors are going to match the color treatment I will be putting on the wood paneling in the den.  Stay tuned for that unveiling.

We also found some great butcher block counters and shelves at a great price.  Two of the slabs of butcher block will be joined together and I plan on begging a talented friend to cut out a teardrop shaped table height attachment to our island/peninsula.  We will also use one of the slabs to make a “raised bar” area attached to our stainless steel counter on the open area between the kitchen and the living room.  It sounds weird, but I think it is going to be neat once I get it out of my head, off the graph paper and see it in real life.  Stay tuned…..

Butcher Block shelves $18
Butcher Block counters $145
Distressed Liquor Cabinet $689

Southeastern Salvage Address and phone number: Address: 2728 Eugenia Ave #109, Nashville, TN 37211


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